LabCam Pro for iPhone (Pathology)

  • Pro Quality: Increased imaging quality vs regular LabCam for pathology and professional needs.
  • Increased Resolution: LabCam Pro is our newest product with the best optics ever. Increased magnification to 15X, and an increased number of pixels to 107% vs regular LabCam while taking advantage of all the features of LabCam.
  • Shipping:  Free shipping to within the US. $38 flat rate shipping around the world, custom and duty included. The shipping estimate will appear at checkout after entering address.
  • Lens: The iDu Optics SmartLens, made from a premium coated glass lens and chromatic correction module, ensures high-quality images with built-in 15X magnification.
  • Precision: Attaches in 10 seconds to your iPhone and microscope by simply inserting into c-mount or eye-piece slot. 
  • Microscope Brand: Fits all Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss, Leica and other common research microscope brands. Please check with us for surgical microscopes.
  • iPhone Model: Please select the product that corresponds to your iPhone model. 
  • Portability: Can be used with or without a microscope. When used without a microscope, it acts as a 15X macro lens. When used with a microscope, the total power = your objective*15X. (For example, LabCam Pro used with 100X objective gives 1500X magnification)
  • Cloud data sharing: Seamlessly transfers and backs up data on all devices.
  • Manufacturing: Made in the USA with the highest quality parts. 
  • Risk-Free Trial: If you are unsatisfied for any reason within 30 days, you can return it and get a full refund, excluding return shipping cost.
  • Disclaimer: Research only, not to be used for diagnostic purposes.

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