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Easily view and capture what's under your microscope with the LabCam iPhone adapter

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Innovative Technology

LabCam is simply the best way of working with a microscope.

Ensure perfect quality with premium coated lens, and chromatic correction module.

Precision optical alignment technology allows a perfect set-up in less than 10 seconds.

Built to be durable with lifetime warranty coverage, contact us for any problem, anytime.

Patent pending, with promising features under development.


Doctors Without Borders say: iDu LabCam is the best!

Doctors Without Borders say: iDu LabCam is the best!

Doctors Without Borders tested three devices for the quality of taking pictures on a microscope through iPhone, LabCam from iDu Optics wins out for...
Instagram @Pondlife_Pondlife use LabCam to capture amazing microscopic world

Instagram @Pondlife_Pondlife use LabCam to capture amazing microscopic world

ABOUT PONDLIFE   All free-living life forms are made of cells. The majority of life forms on the planet are microscopic and unicellular – meaning...
Researcher captured a water bear tardigrade laying eggs with LabCam

Researcher captured a water bear tardigrade laying eggs with LabCam

A researcher from University of Florida Hunter N. Hines has recently captured a video of a water bear laying eggs using LabCam. Tardigrades are one...


We use $10K cameras in my lab for slides and dissections. The LabCam make them all but obsolete.

Dr. J Helms, Professor of Surgery, Stanford University

Fabulous product and so easy to use. Resolution is better than my current microscope camera and way cheaper.

Dr. D Citron, Assoc. Professor, Baylor College of Medicine

Wonderful! Takes textbook images! You are transforming telepathology between Peru and University of Minnesota.

Dr. M Dowall, Hospital Nacional Perú

TOTALLY love it- it's super awesome. I couldn't believe how quick and easy it was to install and automatically get great pics.

Dr. Caitlin DeWilde, DVM

Produces a very decent quality picture on my iPhone that can be used for publication. I'm very happy with this affordable option for histology and insect dissection images.

Zoie E Holzknecht, Duke University

This is such a nicely designed adapter. Very easy to use, installs in seconds. Will recommend to all my colleagues.

Anonymous Amazon Customer

Installs in seconds. Photos sharp. Wonderful, well-made clever product that simplifies microphotography with complete ease! Thank you, iDu!

C Nomad

I'm testing different 3D organoid cell culture protocols. LabCam has been perfect for this purpose: image are clear, it allows for time lapse, it's easy to use and pretty solid.

Erika Yeh, UCSF

We published in Nature Scientific Reports, all the videos in the paper were made by LabCam!

Irina Sedykh, University of Wisconsin

View with others and remote collaboration


Embryonic Stem Cells

Accelerate Research with Easy Monitoring and Documentation

Spinal Cord

Stunning Image of Neurons in The Spinal Cord with Silver Stain

Neurons in The Hippocampus

Capture Neuronal Activity with Fluorescence, Such as GFP, GCaMP

Infarcted Pituitary

Transforming Image Capturing and Sharing in Pathology

LabCam for Science

Capture Data on Any Microscope

Never miss an opportunity to discover something. Capture amazing image or videos for publications and presentations on your table top microscope, as well as your $200K Microscope. Doesn't matter if you are trying to cure cancer, understand the brain, or converting algae to biofuel.

LabCam for Education

No More Monopolizing

Show microscope view live on a screen with Airplay in a class room. Students can look at a microscope together, insert pictures in lab reports, or share them on social media to inspire learning, and even becoming a star! Read More

LabCam for Remote Microscopy

Instant Pathology Consultation

Portable and durable, perfect for imaging in remote sites. Pathology consultation in real-time with specialists in home base, or anywhere!

State of Art Manufacturing

High-quality products made in Detroit, MI, assembled in New York, NY

World Wide Shipping

We ship around the globe to fulfill your research need. *Duty and tax may apply

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