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​We invented this adapter to help to shoot publication quality picture/video through your microscope with your iPhone with no adjustment needed.

iDu LabCam adapter uses Professional grade 10X iPhone-Microscope adapter lens. iDu iPhone-Microscope adapter allows precise mounting of iPhone onto most types of microscope (with 23 and 30mm removable eyepiece) including compound, fluorescent and dissection microscopes etc., to take publication quality images and videos. This adapter include a wide-angle eyepiece fitting lens with 23mm and a 30mm fitting adapter, fit directly into the eyepiece slot, allows precise alignment of optic components. It is optimized for taking high quality images/videos with no adjustment needed.

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-You can snap a photo or start/stop a recording using the volume button of the headphone when connected to the iPhone.

White Balance

-Dimming the light source of the microscope will help with adjusting the white balance.


-The auto-focusing has a range on the phone, using the focus on the microscope in combination to tapping the screen for auto focusing will achieve the best result.


-There are many software allows more control than iPhone camera. FiLMIC Pro is one of them. You can also share/transfer photos to your computer easily with Dropbox or AirDrop.

Displaying on a Computer in Real Time

​-If you have Mac, you can connect your iPhone to your mac with a cable, then open your QuickTime player. Here is the instruction: select File -> New Movie Recording. Then next to the red recording button, use the drop-down arrow to select your iPhone. Now you can see your iPhone screen in real-time on your computer screen.

-Your can also use AirPlay to mirror your iPhone screen onto your apple TV.

-If you have a PC, you can use Mirror Op.


If you have any questions about LabCam please don't hesitate to reach out to us by filling out the form below. Our staff will be able to let you know whether LabCam can work for your microscopes and your applications. We can also help you trouble shoot and improve your image capturing techniques. Your email will be answered as soon as possible.

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