All LabCam for iPhone 15 series are now available.

All LabCam for iPhone 15 series are now available.

LabCam® and LabCam Ultra®

LabCam® provides essential functions and ease of use for anyone in research and education. It provides a 10x magnification that is standard for most microscopes and telescopes. In addition, the quality of the optics meets or exceeds most consumer, education, or research microscope eyepieces.

LabCam Ultra® has our best optics yet. Redesigned from the ground up, LabCam Ultra increases magnification from LabCam's 10x to 15x and has a wider field of view. The wider field of view results in a 182% increase in the image pixels when compared to the original LabCam. The new optics increase the resolution of objective lenses 50% over standard 10x microscope eyepieces, making LabCam Ultra ideal for pathology, cytology, engineering, and fine arts applications. 

LabCam and LabCam Ultra are iPhone model specific, designed to be ready for use without fuss. There are no screws, springs, fasteners, or even adjustments; LabCam and LabCam Ultra work right out of the box and take advantage of the iPhone's native auto-focus and white balance. Your iPhone snaps snuggly into the adapter, and LabCam slides into the eyepiece or C-mount of your microscope or telescope. You will be capturing vibration-free images or videos within minutes.

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