All LabCam for iPhone 15 series are now available.

All LabCam for iPhone 15 series are now available.

LabCam® iPhone Adapter for Ophthalmic Slit Lamps

Transform Your Conventional Slit Lamp into an Imaging Slit Lamp

With LabCam you can mount an iPhone to your slit lamp in less than a minute and transform a conventional slit lamp into a high-end imaging unit for your practice. Take advantage of the superior photo-optics and image processor of your iPhone and gain access to features top-of-the-line imaging slit lamps cannot offer.

  • Share images or video studies immediately with other practice providers
  • Save or share images through patients' electronic health records
  • Project images on any AirPlay® compatible device for education
  • Save images and video to any secured, cloud-based storage
  • View all post exam images on your mobile devices locally or remotely

LabCam fits directly into the eyepiece barrel and rests on the head unit, other than viewing the eye on screen exams are performed in the same manner using your slit lamp's controls. LabCam can also be attached to the teaching port (if one is available), allow uninterrupted imaging, and multiple trainees to view live at the same time.

The ultimate "drop-in" slit lamp upgrade requiring no service technician or in-service training.

There is a dedicated LabCam adapter for nearly every model iPhone that will fit portable or stationary slit lamps. LabCam is designed to mount perfectly so there are no adjustments, and the iPhone remains securely in place without vibration during an exam.  Right out of the box, your iPhone's auto focus and white balance work flawlessly through your slit lamp's optics. Most people report it takes less than a minute from unboxing to capturing their first image.

Images Captured with LabCam for iPhone 13 Pro installed on a Haag-Streit BQ-900

iPhone Slit Lamp sample images

iPhone Slit Lamp sample images

Select the LabCam Model for Your iPhone - From $209.00

Add 29mm adapter for older Haag-Streit slit lamps

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