All LabCam for iPhone 15 series are now available.

All LabCam for iPhone 15 series are now available.



iDu Optics was created by Weill Cornell Medicine MD-PhD student, Du Cheng, to solve a need he saw while working the in lab. After iDu Optics took first place in the 2016 Bench to Bedside Initiative (BBI), run by the Dean’s Entrepreneurship Lab at Weill Cornell Medicine, iDu Optics has expanded, and continues to improve its products. LabCam is purchased by customers from 2000+ universities around the world and is largely produced in the heart of America, in Detroit, Michigan.


Du Cheng said: "I designed and manufactured the LabCam after realizing how much lab time I was losing trying to get a clear photograph through my microscope. I tried the clip-on microscope adapters, but it was impossible to get the iPhone aligned with the microscope's optic pathway. Fast forward a few years, and I have sold thousands of LabCams to researchers around the world. As a recent customer from Stanford says, 'We use $10K cameras in my lab for slides and dissections. The LabCam makes them all but obsolete.'"

LabCam’s unique design connects to most common microscopes in seconds and allows you to take high quality photos using your iPhone camera. If you are trying to record and present data in the best way possible, while saving money and time, the LabCam is for you.

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